February-March 2017: 
I need your help! Please cast a vote for Frozen Footprints and After the Thaw in the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award!

January 16, 2017:
Check out my latest author interview.

September 1, 2016
After the Thaw wins a Bronze Medal in Christian Fiction in the Readers’ Favorite Awards!

April 5, 2016:
After the Thaw is officially released!

February 22, 2016:
After the Thaw is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle!

November 14, 2015
Frozen Footprints has been republished with a stunning new cover!

May 21, 2014
Check out my latest author interview in which I answer questions about Frozen Footprints.

April 28 – May 2, 2014:
Frozen Footprints is FREE on Kindle.

September 26, 2013:
Watch the official Frozen Footprints Book Trailer!

September 24, 2013:
Watch the official Past Suspicion Book Trailer!

September 16, 2013:
A new five-star review for Frozen Footprints.

August 21, 2013:
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July 20, 2013:
Frozen Footprints is a finalist for the 2013 CALA Award (Catholic Arts and Letters Award)!

February 5-6, 2013:
Frozen Footprints by Therese Heckenkamp is FREE on Kindle for two days only.

December 6, 2012:
Here’s another chance to win a free copy of Frozen Footprints!
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November 29, 2012:
Frozen Footprints has been awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.

November 20, 2012:
For a limited time, Frozen Footprints is on sale on Amazon for over $4 off the normal price.

November 13, 2012:
My new novel, Frozen Footprints, has been officially released!

November 12, 2012:
Regency Catholic Interview with Catholic Author Therese Heckenkamp.

November 9, 2012:
The Kindle ebook version of my new novel Frozen Footprints is now available.
And the paperback version is available for pre-order!

November 8, 2012:
The release date for my new suspense novel Frozen Footprints is set for this Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

October 28, 2012:
The new revised edition of Past Suspicion has been officially released!

October 16, 2012:
I’m so excited to finally share the awesome cover of my new soon-to-be-released novel! Check it out here.

September 2, 2012:
Enter here to win a FREE signed copy of Therese’s upcoming Christian suspense thriller, Frozen Footprints.

August 12, 2012:
A new and insightful review of Past Suspicion at This is the Forest of Arden.

June 28, 2012:
A great new 5-star review of Past Suspicion on Amazon!

June 26-27, 2012:
Past Suspicion by Therese Heckenkamp is FREE on Kindle for two days only!

June 21, 2012:
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June 16, 2012: has been officially launched!